What should be paid attention to in the backup power supply of shopping malls?

Beijing Woda Power Technology Co.. Ltd is a professional diesel generator set manufacturer with a history of more than 10 years. We have our own professional production lines, including open type diesel generator, silent generator, mobile diesel generator. etc.


What is a diesel generator set? The Spring Festival is coming soon, the annual shopping event is about to start, and major shopping malls are in full swing to start product discount promotions. At this time, the shopping mall has a large flow of people, long business hours, frequent operation of lighting and elevator equipment in the shopping mall, and in winter, the power consumption is large and the load is heavy. The power grid is under high pressure and may be damaged. At this time, the backup power supply (diesel generator set) is particularly important.

Backup power is also known as “diesel generator set”. Choose a diesel generator set dedicated to shopping malls, that is, a backup power supply. Please pay attention to the following:

1. Shopping malls are generally built in places where urban people live together, so there are strict requirements on the decibel level of noise generated by diesel generator sets. Therefore, Woda diesel generator set manufacturers recommend that shopping malls use silent diesel generator sets to reduce noise. Reduced to between 60-75 decibels; at this time, the silent diesel generator set is the preferred unit.

2. According to the analysis of the electrical equipment used in shopping malls, such as lighting, monitoring, elevators, etc., it is recommended to choose a brushless generator with a relatively stable voltage; our Woda generator set manufacturers have designed the power.

3. The shopping mall is a place with a large passenger flow, so the choice of brand is very important. Normally, we will choose domestic first-line brands Yuchai, Weichai, Shangchai, or even choose joint venture brand Cummins generators, imported brands Volvo, etc.

Post time: Jan-03-2023