Knowledge of Automatic Transfer Switch

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ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch) is a switch that automatically switches to another power supply due to a power failure. Many customers will consult the problem of power supply switching when purchasing diesel generator sets considering the actual use. I will share with you some of the following: In the process of communicating with customers, the salesman will tell the customer that dual power supply switching is used to switch the mains power supply. It generates electricity with the generator set, but many people don’t quite understand what ATS means. Even if customers know this, they don’t know what ATS is. It sounds very tall, but it actually looks like it. I will show you the true face of the fully automatic with ATS.
Generally, a large diesel generator set needs to be a separate control cabinet to switch the control product, the dual power switch and the switching module. The dual power switching is mainly composed of the switching module and the switching switch. It is also worth reminding that the ATS device on the diesel generator set is an indispensable equipment for hospitals, banks, telecommunications, airports, hotels, factories and enterprises, such as emergency power supply and fire-fighting power supply. When the mains power fails, the switching module automatically switches to the power output of the generator set, and the generator set control panel automatically starts up, and the power supply can be supplied in about 20 seconds in the middle. UPS is mainly to supply power for the interval time between the mains power outage and then the generator set starts to generate electricity, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment used by the unit.

Post time: Oct-20-2022