How to store the generator when it is idle

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How to store the generator when it is idle
Storage environment requirements for idle generators:

A generator set is a complete set of equipment that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. It consists of some power systems, control systems, noise reduction systems, damping systems and exhaust systems. The long-term storage of diesel generator sets has a decisive adverse effect on the diesel engine and the main generator, and the correct storage can reduce the adverse effects. Therefore, the correct storage method is more important.

1. The generator set should avoid overheating, overcooling or rain and sunlight.

2. The extra voltage of the diesel generator on the construction site needs to be the same as the voltage level of the external power line.

3. Stationary diesel generator sets should be installed in accordance with indoor regulations, and should be 0.25-0.30m above the indoor ground. The mobile diesel generator set should be in a horizontal state and placed stably. The trailer is grounded stably, and the front and rear wheels are stuck. Diesel generator sets should be equipped with outdoor protective sheds.

4. Diesel generator sets and their control, power distribution, and maintenance rooms should maintain electrical safety intervals and meet fire protection requirements. The exhaust pipe should be extended outdoors, and it is strictly forbidden to store oil tanks indoors and near the exhaust pipe.

5. The equipment environment of the diesel generator set at the construction site should be selected to be close to the load center, with convenient access and exit lines, and a clear surrounding distance, avoiding the inferior side of the pollution source and easy water accumulation.

6. Clean the 50kw generator, keep the generator set dry and ventilated, replace the new lubricating oil, drain the water in the water tank, and perform anti-rust treatment on the generator set.

7. The storage location of the generator set should be kept from being damaged by other objects.

8. The user shall set up a separate warehouse, and do not place inflammable and explosive items around the diesel generator set. Some firefighting measures need to be prepared, such as placing AB-type foam fire extinguishers.

9. Do not let the engine and other accessories of the cooling system freeze, and do not let the cooling water corrode the body for a long time. When the generator set is used in a place where it may freeze, antifreeze should be added. When stored for a long time, the cooling water in the body and other accessories of the cooling system needs to be drained.

10.After storing for a period of time, it should be noted that the 50kw generator should be checked for damage before installation and use, whether the electrical part of the generator set is oxidized, whether the connecting parts are loose, whether the alternator coil is still dry, and whether the surface of the machine body is clean and dry. , if necessary, appropriate measures should be taken to deal with it.


Post time: Oct-28-2022