How to solve the voltage instability phenomenon of diesel generator?

Beijing Woda Power Technology Co.. Ltd is a professional diesel generator set manufacturer with a history of more than 10 years. We have our own professional production lines, including open type diesel generator, silent generator, mobile diesel generator. etc.
Some users have found that in the process of using the generator set, the output voltage of the generator sometimes appears unstable, so what is the cause of this, and how to solve it?
Check the voltmeter of the diesel generator to see if it is invalid. If it is invalid, it must be replaced.
Observe whether the vibration of the diesel generator set is too large during operation. If this problem exists, then it is necessary to check the shock absorber equipment of the diesel generator set.
Check whether the wiring part of the unit is loose, if it is loose, it needs to be repaired. Also remember to check the connecting parts of the diesel generator set, and if there is a problem, repair it together.
If it is found that the voltage adjustment resistor of the control panel of the unit is broken and cannot function, then the voltage adjustment resistor needs to be replaced immediately.

Post time: Jan-18-2023