How to install a generator set?

What precautions should be taken when installing a generator?
1. The generator installation site needs to maintain good ventilation.
2. The vicinity of the installation site should be kept clean and equipped with fire extinguishing devices.
3. If it is used indoors, the exhaust pipe must be led to the outdoors.
4. When the foundation is made of concrete, the horizontality must be measured with a level ruler during installation, so that the generator can be fixed on the horizontal foundation.
5. The generator casing must have a reliable protective grounding.
6. The two-way switch between the generator and the mains must be reliable to prevent reverse power transmission.
7. The generator line connection must be firm.

Generators are prohibited from doing the following to avoid scrapping the unit:
1. After a cold start, it will run with load without warming up;
2. The 500kw generator runs when the oil is insufficient;
3. Emergency shutdown with load or;
4. Insufficient cooling water or oil;
5. Operate when the oil pressure is too low;
6. Slam the throttle before turning off the flame;
7. When the temperature of the 500kw generator is too high, the coolant is suddenly added;
8. The generator set runs at idle speed for a long time and so on.


Post time: Sep-09-2022